Towers And Tyrants

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 3654 VIEWS

Living with Pain

Go Healthy For Good! / 3609 VIEWS

Many people live with pain, despite a hefty regimen of medications. Dr. Nerida explores the idea that pain management might just mean more lifestyle changes.

Twenty-Two Birthday Cards

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 3596 VIEWS

Never Unworthy: Jesus Heals Centurion's Servant & Widow's Son

Hope at Home / 3593 VIEWS

Should we still ask God for help when we feel like we don't deserve it?

Building a Better Life

Go Healthy For Good! / 3570 VIEWS

Living a life of purpose makes living easier and more enjoyable. And it is not necessary to make achievements, or win awards. Meaning can even be found in the face of pain, suffering, & loss. When life gives us lemons, find out how to make lemonades!

Episode 4: Jesus The Healer

Revolutionary / 3515 VIEWS

The miracles of Jesus present the most problems to the modern mindset. In this episode, Sergio and Oleg both highlight how looking at them through a different lens brings out their true meaning.

Sex Addictions (For Women)

Unhooked / 3498 VIEWS

Liberated libidos and a porn industry that caters to them are two reasons why women are more open about their sexuality. Yet responsibility comes with freedom. In her own words, Stephanie explains why she misused her sexuality to gain acceptance.

Healthful Meditation

Go Healthy For Good! / 3490 VIEWS

What’s the difference between Eastern meditation and Christian prayer? On this episode, find out the benefits of a healthy meditation.

"Advent and the People of God" - Episode 2

Cross Connection / 3482 VIEWS

If you met a hero, would you know it? The Jews of the Old Testament were longing for a messiah, but when he finally came they didn't recognize him. On Cross Connections, learn how to recognize messiah.