The Preacher With A One-Track Mind

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 2772 VIEWS

Goodbye Diabetes

Go Healthy For Good! / 2750 VIEWS

The high blood glucose levels associated with diabetes can be very destructive. Obliterating blood vessels around the body, causing heart disease, strokes, impaired vision, and kidney disease. Want to turn it around? Then don't miss this episode!

How's your stress recovery?

Go Healthy For Good! / 2749 VIEWS

Do you KNOW when you're stressed? Find out how to recover after a stressful day.

Freedom In Christ

Transformed / 2735 VIEWS

The transforming love of Christ can reach you wherever you are, even if you're living in a hole in the ground.

Experiencing Christ’s Love

Transformed / 2722 VIEWS

When you experience the love of Jesus, you will be transformed.

But Who Are You? | Episode 12

Cross Connection / 2713 VIEWS

Discover how Paul introduces The Way to the church in Ephesus and how the Seven Sons of Sceva are taught a tough lesson in what it means to truly know God.

St. Nick's Way Of Judging

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 2706 VIEWS

From the serie: Galactic Good News

The Christ Event

Table Talk / 2705 VIEWS

The Creator of the universe has always been a God that pursues us. Click play and join Jeffrey Rosario, David Asscherick, Ty Gibson, and James Rafferty as they identify the parallels of Israel’s history and Jesus’ parable of the vinedressers as found in Matthew 21:33-46. Why didn’t Jesus fulfill Israel's expectations of the Messiah? Why was the temple destroyed? Is there any biblical evidence that some Pharisees followed Jesus? What did Paul’s conversion teach him? Bring a Bible and listen in. Let yourself dare to think.

Praying for Let's Pray Around the World

Let's Pray / 2700 VIEWS

Let's Pray is reaching different places around the globe. Places like Ghana and the Philippines that host their own Let's Pray program. We are so inspired to witness the impact of this program in other countries around the world.