Wake Up with Hope June 30, 2021

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We are sure Wake up With Hope will change your morning because we will have one of the Let's Pray team members to pray for you, health tips for you to live better, an encouraging message with John Bradshaw from It Is Written, and more.

Educational Principles

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In the past, literacy was the ability to read, write, and do arithmetic. However, as the world became more complex so did the skills necessary to navigate our world. Learn more about the principles that make education most effective.

Lesson 7: Defeat of the Assyrians

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Sunday February 7 - Sabbath February 13

Climate Change

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Three times a day every day of every year. Throughout our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, we exercise choice over what we eat. Discover how the choices we make don’t just impact our health or wallet, but also the environment.

09 Interconnectedness

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How does this relate to that?

Where is Your Heart? - Episode 16

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Have you ever been anxious? What if you are anxious because you're trusting in the wrong thing?

Follow Me: Calling The Disciples

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Do I have to be perfect to follow Jesus?

The Eternal Word Made Flesh - Episode 1

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There are many that say that Jesus never existed. But at the very beginning of his Gospel, John states that not only did Jesus exist, he ALWAYS existed. The gang dives into John and explores how this view of Jesus changes everything.

Episode for August 26, 2020

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Does God wait for us to seek Him? Who was Thecla? Did Jesus give his life as a ransom for many or for all? Should I fear the judgment?