Five Good Reasons to Be Nervous About the Church

Five Good Reasons / 148 VIEWS

Jesus himself predicted that Christianity would be infected with false ideas in the last days. How then, can can we know what is true? Watch now to find out!

Lesson 5: Children of the Promise

Hope Sabbath School / 146 VIEWS

Sunday April 25 - Sabbath May 1

Wake up With Hope June 28, 2021

Wake up With Hope / 145 VIEWS

Welcome to our first Wake up With Hope program. Each morning we will positively start your day! We want to invite you to join us every day. Subscribe to this channel and activate the alerts so that we can wake you up every day with hope.

Why Live If You Can Be Buried for Ten Dollars?

Cliff! / 143 VIEWS

Human nature intrinsically rejects the idea of death. Even the most avid evolutionists will, at some point, have to face this reality… the reality of dying. Cliff shares what must be accepted if every person is to face this reality in peace.

Lesson 2: Restless and Rebellious

Hope Sabbath School / 135 VIEWS

Sunday July 04 - Sabbath July 10

Lesson 4: An Everlasting Covenant

Hope Sabbath School / 133 VIEWS

Sunday April 18 - Sabbath April 24

6: You Can Quit

Living Free / 131 VIEWS

Many who smoke have already decided that they plan to quit nicotine in all its forms – and with good reasons! No one needs to live in “survival” mode. Vicki reveals how we are engineered for success!

Five Good Reasons to Believe God Is Good

Five Good Reasons / 128 VIEWS

"God is good!" Is it true? Discover how God draws people to Himself without force or coercion, just love.

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Transformed / 127 VIEWS

His mother's death sent Nathan Krause's life into a tailspin. He sought stability in addictive behaviors and a variety of religions, yet he was not truly happy.