The Best Enemy I ever Had

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Acts of Faith: Jesus Heals Jarius' Daughter & Bleeding Woman

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How can being vulnerable make you stronger?

Who Is My Neighbor: The Story of the Good Samaritan

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What is my responsibility to those around me?

Power of a Praying Parent

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Willie and Elaine Oliver talk with Debbie Howell and Chris Holland about how powerful it is to cover our children with prayer.

Looking Up No Matter What

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At age 10, Pieter began a journey not of his own choosing—dealing with Ankylosing spondylitis, an inflammatory disease that causes some of the small vertebrae in the spine to fuse. This progressive disease causes much debilitating pain and can severely impact a person’s life. Nevertheless, Pieter’s outlook is bright as he has met this challenge, and by God’s grace has a very active life, full of hope and purpose.

Preachin'' To The Boys In The Hood

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Blasphemy and Free Speech

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In many countries, criticizing religion or even expressing religious doubt can land you with a fine, a jail sentence, or—in some cases—the death penalty. We’re exploring the tragedy of blasphemy and apostasy laws and asking what these can teach us about learning to accept others whose beliefs are different to our own.

Deciding His Fate

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Over The Cliff We Go

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