Your Q’s Answered — Perfectionist

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Willie and Elaine Oliver answer questions on parenting a perfectionistic child and other important issues.

Zombie Listeners

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Song Services at Dodger Stadium

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Two Tents at Camp Meeting

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Lesson 11: The Immeasurable, unfailing love of God

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Sunday March 7 - Sabbath March 13

Doing Business for Jesus

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Growing up in idyllic Switzerland, 18-year-old Jesse was ready for far-away adventure and eagerly set off for the Philippines. What happened there changed his life and set him on course of doing business for Jesus--creating a lifestyle center, mission school, and church in Honduras, Hyve International for young professionals, a crowd-sourced international translation endeavor, and more.

Episode for March 10, 2021

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Did Moses enter promised land at Mount of Transfiguration? Significance of resurrection of saints when Jesus was resurrected? Explain Eph 3:10 and 1 John 5:6.

Episode for March 17, 2021

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Best Bible study topics? Will the Holy Spirit be removed from earth? Lot's sin or his daughters? Do animals have souls? Is hell a punishment if there is no eternal fire?

"Now Eye See"

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Dr. Jacob, a remarkable eye surgeon, has brought sight to thousands of patients by performing complete cataract surgeries in less than 2 minutes. He and his team operate “cataract camps” where the most needy of India are served. This dedicated ophthalmologist brings hope and healing—not just physically but spiritually as well.