"Samson - The Strongest Weak Man" - Episode 19

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Samson is known as the strong man of the Bible, yet his weaknesses were too great.

"Blind Bartimaeus" - Episode 6

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Blind Bartimaeus may not have been as blind as we thought. The crowd around him saw a super-star, but he saw a savior and he saw his need. Join host, Chantal Klingbeil, as she discusses the story of "blind" Bartimaeus.

"Job - When Life Feels Like a Chore" - Episode 20

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It seems like within minutes Job was on top of the world, and then down in the dumps. Yet life could not keep him down.

"Jonah - A Whale of a Story" - Episode 17

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Today, we dive deep into the story of Jonah and the whale.

"Naaman and Gehazi" - Episode 8

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You wouldn't think that such a small device could cause so much harm, but in many places motorists are banned from using cell phones. The reason? They distract the driver and cause accidents. Cell phones aren't our only distraction. In this episo

"Jehoshaphat's Singing Army" - Episode 14

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One of the Bible's greatest battles wasn't led by the bravest warriors, but by the bravest choir.

"Ruth: A Love Story" - Episode 21

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Although God is never mentioned in the book, Ruth is a great book about God's love for us.