The Meaning of the Cross - Episode 17

Cross Connection / 1629 VIEWS

What did Jesus accomplish by His death on the cross?

The Wounded Winner

Higher Ground / 1627 VIEWS

Join Barry Black as we reflect on Jesus' sacrifice and the assurance it gives us that our sins have been completely forgiven.

What and Who is God?

Table Talk / 1627 VIEWS

God’s character is revealed in the Bible--His word. Watch now and join Jeffrey Rosario, David Asscherick, Ty Gibson, and James Rafferty as they search for biblical clues to discover more about God. Who is God? What is God’s character? Bring a Bible and listen in. Let yourself dare to think.

01 The Gospel From Patmos

InVerse / 1611 VIEWS

Does the future fill you with fear or curiosity?

CC: Season's Greetings - The Genealogy of the King

Cross Connection / 1610 VIEWS

CC begins its first Christmas special with an out-of-the-box topic: Matthew's genealogy of Jesus. What does a dry list of names reveal about the coming King? As it turns out, much more than you think.

The Others: Part II | Episode 13

Cross Connection / 1608 VIEWS

As Acts 10 continues, we learn that the gospel is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning to accept all people without prejudice.

Episode for November 4, 2020

Bible HelpDesk / 1606 VIEWS

How should a beginner study the Bible? Is it ok to marry someone of a different faith? Should we only call God Jehovah? Why didn't Jesus collect tithe? Does God have a body?

Jesus Return and Presence - Episode 19

Cross Connection / 1598 VIEWS

Lessons in Greatness and Forgiveness - Episode 26

Cross Connection / 1591 VIEWS

What did Jesus mean when he said we must all become like little children?