Lesson 4 -Discovering A Biblical Worldview

Hope Sabbath School / 13 VIEWS

Sunday October 18 - Sabbath October 24

Lesson 9 - The Church As a Place of Learning

Hope Sabbath School / 13 VIEWS

Sunday November 22 - Sabbath November 28

Noah: When Will God Destroy Evil?

Hope at Home / 13 VIEWS

What is God's answer to the problem of evil in this world?

David: The Importance of Worship

Hope at Home / 13 VIEWS

Everyone worships something or someone... so what difference does it make to focus our worship on our Creator God?

06 Dead to Sin!

InVerse / 13 VIEWS

02 The Power of Sin

InVerse / 13 VIEWS

Domestic Violence and the Family

Real Family Talk / 13 VIEWS

Willie and Elaine Oliver talk with Katia Reinert talk about the rise in domestic violence during 2020 is staggering. There is no excuse for abuse in the family.

Purging Prejudice: The Woman at the Well

Hope at Home / 13 VIEWS

Can prejudices blind us to God-given opportunities?

Making a Killing on the Dodgers

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 13 VIEWS