The Power of God's Word

Revival for Mission / 62 VIEWS

Lesson 5: Noble Prince of Peace

Hope Sabbath School / 61 VIEWS

Sunday January 24 - Sabbath January 30

Forgiving The Unforgiveable

Revival for Mission / 60 VIEWS

A missionary mother extends forgiveness to her family’s killer and brings peace to an island bent on revenge.

Jesus Will Give You Peace! - Pastor Alex Bryant

Hope at Home / 60 VIEWS

"Peace be still!", said Jesus to the stormy seas. In these stormy times, you can place your trust in Jesus! Watch this stirring sermon by Pastor Alex Bryant, to learn how!

Lesson 12: Messiah—the Desire of All Nations

Hope Sabbath School / 60 VIEWS

Sunday March 14 - Sabbath March 20

Prophecies and Politics: The Impact of Conspiracy Theories

Global Affairs Today / 60 VIEWS

It seems like conspiracy theories are on the rise everywhere—they’re in our social media feeds and even repeated within our circles of friends and family. We’re asking: How do these theories gain power, and how can we sort fact from fiction?

LP: Nico Hill | God's Soldier

Let's Pray / 59 VIEWS

He was an actor and a professional fighter, caught up in a lifestyle of drugs, money, and glory. From the cage to the pulpit, find out how Nico Hill became a fighter for Christ.

Strong Bones, Powerful Muscles

Go Healthy For Good! / 59 VIEWS

It seems expected that our bones become more brittle as we age. However, we can slow that process and maybe even reverse it, as Dr. Nerida shares.

Seeing God's Hand

Revival for Mission / 59 VIEWS

“The heavens declare the glory of God,” and yet it seems that science and belief in creation cannot exist together. Meet a world-class scientist who also believes that the Earth was created by a loving God.