Lesson 1-You Will Be My Witness

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Sunday July 1 - Sabbath July 7

3 Ways to Manage Differences

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How do we mange our differences? How do we grow in God? Join Willie and Elaine as they accentuate the need to live with the reality of imperfection and to facilitate God's ideal for growth and happiness.

07 The Seven Trumpets

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Lesson 8-Season Of Parenting

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Sunday May 19 - Sabbath May 25

Lesson 5 - Violating the Spirit of the Law

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Sunday October 27 - Sabbath November 2

The World's Hate and the Spirit's Joy - Episode 21

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Jesus said that his followers will be persecuted, even killed. But then he said, no one will be able to take away your joy. How is this possible?

Stress in Workplace

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"Layoffs" and "budget cuts" have become bywords in the workplace, and the result? Less stability, more fear, and higher levels of stress. There's no better time to learn new and healthy ways of coping with the pressure.

Infant Heart Transplant

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Dr Leonard Bailey joins us for this amazing episode. From Baby Fae to the latest in heart transplant. Stay tuned to know the man, the stories and the newest on heart transplant!

Lesson 3 - Discipleship & Prayer (1st Qtr 2014)

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