Your Questions Answered - Marriage

Real Family Talk / 4 LIKES

Willie and Elaine Oliver discuss questions from viewers on how to improve marital relationships.

1 Covenants and Sermons

InVerse / 4 LIKES

Deuteronomy unveils a God of relationships, raw emotion, and promises.

God on the Cross - Episode 25

Cross Connection / 3 LIKES

What factors led to Jesus' death, and do they still exist today? Join CC team as they take a closer look at the glory of God revealed on the cross.

The Others: Part I | Episode 12

Cross Connection / 3 LIKES

We often ostracize and look down on those who don't look or talk like us, even if they share our beliefs. How does Peter's view of the Gentiles parallel the way we see certain groups of people?

Real Estate: Buyer's Guide

Stupid Money / 3 LIKES

Buying a house might be the biggest financial decision you'll ever make. But do you know all the factors to consider? For example, did you know that you make your money when you buy, not when you sell? Watch now!