Your Questions Answered - Family Life

Real Family Talk / 231 VIEWS

Willie and Elaine Oliver share ways you can make your home a happy place.

Your Questions Answered - Marriage

Real Family Talk / 186 VIEWS

Willie and Elaine Oliver discuss questions from viewers on how to improve marital relationships.

Your Questions Answered- Premarital and Dating

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Willie and Elaine Oliver answer questions from viewers who are planning to get married.

Online Dating

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Willie and Elaine Oliver talk with John and April Nixon about the social phenomenon of online dating.

My Child is the Bully

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Willie and Elaine Oliver help parents explore ways on how to curb bullying behavior in their children.

Girls Self Esteem

Real Family Talk / 56 VIEWS

Studies show that girls approaching adolescence become dramatically less self-assured, and these feelings last through adulthood.

Mental Health Pandemic

Real Family Talk / 54 VIEWS

The Covid-19 pandemic has created an emotional rollercoaster for kids and parents alike.

Seasons of Grief

Real Family Talk / 48 VIEWS

In processing the heartbreak of losing their son to leukemia, a ministry was born to help others learn how to navigate the grieving process.

Power of a Praying Parent

Real Family Talk / 32 VIEWS

Willie and Elaine Oliver talk with Debbie Howell and Chris Holland about how powerful it is to cover our children with prayer.