Purposeful Marriage

Real Family Talk / 20 VIEWS

Newlyweds found purpose for their marriage.

Marriage - Seven Years and Counting

Real Family Talk / 12 VIEWS

How to keep your marriage strong and healthy.

Is The Honeymoon Over?

Real Family Talk / 10 VIEWS

Assessing your marital relationship to maintain a long-lasting marriage.


Real Family Talk / 4 VIEWS

How parents can help children prevent or stop bullying.

Living with an Autoimmune Disease

Real Family Talk / 3 VIEWS

Pr. Charles and Maureen Tapp will shared their story of how they overcome living with an autoimmune disease.

Real Talk with Pastors

Real Family Talk / 2 VIEWS

How to find balance in life and ministry.

Big Questions

Real Family Talk / 1 VIEWS

Exploring the BIG questions in life.

Ministering to Refugee Families

Real Family Talk / 0 VIEWS

Ministering to refugees makes a difference in a community.