Strange Fire

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Is it strange to think that pain has a purpose? We will talk about this during our program tonight. Join us with your prayer requests and praise reports, we are here for you.

Bad News Satan Knows You Too

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Episode 10: Jesus the Son of God

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It’s the greatest title the Gospels give Jesus: Son of God. Oleg uncovers what a truly bold claim this would have been in Jesus’ world while Sergio meets with a man who undertook a search for God that turned his world completely upside down.

Myths of a Vegetarian Diet

Go Healthy For Good! / 17631 VIEWS

Vegetarians were once a rare breed, but more and more people are adopting a plant-based diet. The transition from omnivore to herbivore needs to be well planned, to avoid deficiencies. And which nutrients need special attention? Don't miss it!

Bringing Your Boxing Gloves To Church

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A Party at 3:30 am

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Fast Food Genocide

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Processed food is killing us in droves. It launches itself into our bloodstream at a rate that overwhelms our metabolism. Fight the epidemic. Watch now, and discover foods that reverse disease.

I’m a C. S.  Lewis Christian

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08 Marital Sexuality: Difference

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The fifth and final ingredient for biblical sexuality.