Journey to Resurrection

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Have you considered, that through hardship, Christ’s promise can be revealed? Let’s look at the journey to resurrection - and how even in the most terrible times, His purpose and plan is still achieved!

The Importance of Vitamin D and Sunshine - Dr. Nerida McKibben

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Learn the importance of Vitamin D in our life and how to obtain it.

How to Change Habits - Vicki Griffin

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Why is it so hard to focus and form new, positive habits — and to beat bad ones?

"Five Things" - Pr. Rick Johns

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Five important live lessons, borne of quarantine reflections.

Importance of Purpose - Dr. Ricardo Whyte

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Identify our purpose in life help us to keep a good mental health. Dr. Ricardo Whyte will talk about the three dimensions of purpose.

David and Goliath - Story time with Dusty and Elden Ramirez

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Dusty and Elden bring you a powerful Bible story in a fun way. Don't miss it!