The Importance of Vitamin D and Sunshine - Dr. Nerida McKibben

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Learn the importance of Vitamin D in our life and how to obtain it.

How to Change Habits - Vicki Griffin

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Why is it so hard to focus and form new, positive habits — and to beat bad ones?

"Five Things" - Pr. Rick Johns

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Five important live lessons, borne of quarantine reflections.

Importance of Purpose - Dr. Ricardo Whyte

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Identify our purpose in life help us to keep a good mental health. Dr. Ricardo Whyte will talk about the three dimensions of purpose.

David and Goliath - Story time with Dusty and Elden Ramirez

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Dusty and Elden bring you a powerful Bible story in a fun way. Don't miss it!

Parenting Children for Healthy Interracial Relationships - Elaine and Willie Oliver

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The traumatic events of the last few weeks in the United States have dominated conversations in our homes and public spaces around the world. As Christian parents we have the responsibility and opportunity to teach our children how to appreciate the beautiful diversity of all God’s children.

12 Denial of Self

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What distinguishes Christ's true disciples?