5 	What Do We Do with the Canaanites?

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Is God a racist, deranged, homicidal maniac?

9 You Shall Rejoice!

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The gift of celebration is powerful and potent.

Episode for October 13, 2021

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I don't know how to love. How can I allow God to use me? Love and respect. What if my spouse loves another? Does God approve of my marriage if my spouse had a child before?

The Meaning of Life

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Many people attempt to find the meaning of life without the Bible. Cliff explores why this is an exercise in futility.

2 The Message of Hebrews

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The whole point of the Letter to the Hebrews is simply Jesus.

It Is FInished - Episode 26

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In the most profound and important sentence in human history, Jesus announced, "It is finished!" But, what was finished? Find out on this episode of Cross Connection.

Lesson 11 - Zechariah: Visions of Hope (2nd Qtr 2013)

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Lesson 11 - Zechariah: Visions of Hope (2nd Qtr 2013)

GC Week of Prayer 2015 - Wednesday


Speaker: Dr. Neil Nedley Topic:"When Anxiety and/or Depression Comes Close to Home"