Wake Up with Hope July 01, 2021

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You won't want to miss this Wake up With Hope episode; why? Because we prepare a "positive morning starter.” We will have Dr. Nerida McKibben sharing her health tips; Roy Ice from Faith for Today will encourage you with a message he prepared specially for you; and more.

Episode 5: Jesus The Prophet

Revolutionary / 16147 VIEWS

In Israel, Oleg highlights a prophet who called on his world to change. In NY, Sergio uncovers fascinating connections between this prophet's message and our world today.

Episode 6: Jesus The Good Shepherd

Revolutionary / 16129 VIEWS

In Jesus’ world, the term shepherd meant leader. Oleg examines Jesus’ radical claim of being The Good Shepherd while Sergio explores a world in desperate need of more good shepherds.

Boring Sermons And Crooked Nose

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Saved from the Kidnappers!

Revival for Mission / 16026 VIEWS

The Henry family were in Haiti spending the holidays with loved ones when events took a terrible turn. Pastor Henry and daughter, Irma, were kidnapped and held in captivity while millions of people around the world prayed for them. Hear firsthand how God sustained them through their ordeal in this episode of Revival for Mission.

I Can't Afford Your Free Tuxedo

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1 Covenants and Sermons

InVerse / 15894 VIEWS

Deuteronomy unveils a God of relationships, raw emotion, and promises.

A Debate At Disney World

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From the serie: Galactic Good News

We'll Leave The Light On For You

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