"John the Baptist and His Mission" - Episode 3

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If you were to describe a great man of the Bible, you probably wouldn't describe him wearing rough clothes, and eating bugs. Yet that is the very hero in this episode of Cross Connections.

"Advent and the People of God" - Episode 2

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If you met a hero, would you know it? The Jews of the Old Testament were longing for a messiah, but when he finally came they didn't recognize him. On Cross Connections, learn how to recognize messiah.

"The Baptism and Temptations of Jesus" - Episode 4

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We find Jesus on the banks of a river, asking to be baptized. Yet the question must be asked, why would a sinless man need to be baptized? In Cross Connections we explore the meaning and the importance of Jesus' baptism.

"The Genealogy of the King" - Episode 1

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We do a little digging around the roots of Jesus' family tree, only on Cross Connections.

The Mystery of the Parables (Part 2) - Episode 19

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Why doesn't God end evil? The answer may not be as straight-forward as we would like it to be, but the answer is in Jesus' parables.

Faith That Moves Mountains - Episode 25

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Jesus talked about a faith that can move mountains. Today, we do too.

The True Meaning of Miracles - Episode 13

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Jesus desires mercy, not sacrifice. So what did Matthew really want us to learn about His miracles?

The Cost of Discipleship - Episode 27

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Many people talk about what we need to DO to get into heaven, but what do we need to GIVE UP in order to follow Jesus?

"The Sermon on the Mount: Money and Stress" - Episode 8

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It seems that the bills never stop coming to the mailbox. You pay one, and it's back before you know it. Paired with stress, these are perhaps the two topics that worry most people. Yet, 2000 years before our time, Jesus had important words on thi