All Over Joppa | Episode 11

Cross Connection / 9 VIEWS

When Tabitha passes away, an entire community is shaken. How can we have a greater impact in our communities?

Climate Change

Go Healthy For Good! / 9 VIEWS

Three times a day every day of every year. Throughout our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, we exercise choice over what we eat. Discover how the choices we make don’t just impact our health or wallet, but also the environment.

Prison Break | Episode 16

Cross Connection / 9 VIEWS

Proclaiming the Gospel is a threat to political powers. It can get people imprisoned, yet God’s message will carry on.

Prophets and Teachers | Episode 17

Cross Connection / 9 VIEWS

At this moment in the Early Church, the Holy Spirit selects Saul and Barnabas for mission work. This begins a series of Spirit-filled adventures for the dynamic duo.

Lesson 12 - The Day of the Lord (2nd Qtr 2017)

Hope Sabbath School / 9 VIEWS

10 "Children of the Promise"

InVerse / 9 VIEWS

Romans 9: Are we really free moral agents?

01 The Influence of Materialism

InVerse / 9 VIEWS

Do you have full control of your “stuff,” or does your “stuff” control you?