The Shield of Faith

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Can our faith defend against defeat? That’s what we’re talking about today, continuing our series on the Armor of God. We’ve put together a special program with a special guest for you during our Coronavirus prayer coverage.

5 Myths About Mental Health

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Practical Tips for the Pandemic - Dr. Angeline David Brauer

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Learn what you can do to deal with the present pandemic. Watch now, with public health expert Dr. Angeline David Brauer.

The Helmet of Salvation

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Have you been feeling the need to have your mind protected? That’s our topic today as we continue with the theme, The Armor of God.

The Sword of the Spirit

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We’ve heard that the Lord fights our battles, but what is it that we can do? On this episode, we’ll talk about the Sword of the Spirit.

Dealing with Loss - Dr. Ann Hamel

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Episode for April 29, 2020

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Second chance after death? How does God give hope? Living together without marriage? Male headship for ungodly husband? Why a bronze serpent? Mansion in heaven?