Lesson 11 - Families of Faith

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Sunday June 9 - Sabbath June 15

Lesson 4 - Mercy and Justice In the Psalms

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Sunday July 21 - Sabbath July 27

Lesson 3 - From Mystery To Revelation

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Sunday January 12- Sabbath January 18

Lesson 9: The Rhythms of Rest

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Sunday August 22 - Sabbath August 28

Jesus is the Messiah. So What? - Episode 23

Cross Connection / 32 LIKES

Jesus was met with a request for signs in order to believe in Him. Are we any different today?

The Cost of Discipleship - Episode 27

Cross Connection / 32 LIKES

Many people talk about what we need to DO to get into heaven, but what do we need to GIVE UP in order to follow Jesus?

Surviving Through Prayer

Higher Ground / 32 LIKES

Join Dr. Barry Black on Higher Ground! Learn to persevere with God in prayer, believing you will receive from His abundant storehouse and He will reward your faithful requests.

Daniel 9 - Episode 11

Disclosure / 32 LIKES

Jesus, is he just a myth, a mystic healer, or was he really the promised Messiah of Bible prophecy? Join us now for Disclosure as we examine the most incredible and most important prophecy in all the Bible.

"Revelation Pure and Simple" - Episode 22

Disclosure / 32 LIKES

It is considered one of the most confusing books of the Bible, but perhaps the best was saved for last.