The Sermon of Love Between 12,000 Songs

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We have no idea who, how or even what God will use to encourage us in our spiritual journeys. He uses seemingly ordinary things to show His extraordinary love for us.

Paul: Purpose Over Past

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How can we move beyond a troublesome past?

Tolstoy's Confessions

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Leo Tolstoy was once the world’s most famous writer. He had all the world had to offer. So, what led him down the path to despair, despite all his worldly success? Cliff identifies what was missing.

Episode for November 10, 2021

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Praying for temporal things? So many races from Adam, Eve? Must we pray facing east? Who is “us” in Genesis 1:26? Explain “he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel.”

A Life Transformed

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When we commit our lives to God, things will never be the same! Our outlook on life has changed; lives transformed by Him.

Brayleigh's Legacy & Journey's Hope

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The loss of a child is devastating, regardless of age. A parent's dreams and hopes are laid to rest. Yet God our Father can turn heartbreak into a new dawn of hope.

Episode for October 27, 2021

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How to forgive, accept forgiveness? Soul vs spirit. What happened to souls of children sacrificed to idols? Did Moses mislead Pharaoh? Does the book of Job parallel Israel's history?

Existence as Accident

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How do you trust the conclusions of someone who believes that all existence is an accident? You don’t. Cliff Goldstein gives the clearest answer why, according to his theory, even his conclusion may be an accident.

Episode for November 17, 2021

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Accidentally blasphemed the Holy Spirit? Guilty of one sin, guilty of all? Does the Holy Spirit control our speech? Explain 1 Timothy 4:1-4. How is God a consuming fire?