08 - Creating a Lifestyle: Exercise and Sleep

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In this episode, Vicki Griffin address our need for exercise and sleep. God blessed man with fresh air, exercise, and rest as antidotes to many mental, physical, and spiritual maladies. Fresh air, exercise, and rest increase energy and are powerful weapons against stress, fatigue, and cravings.

Arrows in the Hands of God

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"Serving the Lord is not boring!" explains Pastor Gary Blanchard, world youth leader of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, in this episode of Revival for Mission. Pastor Blanchard leads a team of youth leaders who minister to millions of young people around the world. He shares insights in how to engage and keep young people on fire for the Lord.

Worthy of Worship: Triumphal Entry of Jesus Into Jerusalem

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Can we find blessings in the unexpected?

The Global Rise of Hate Crimes

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News headlines recently have been filled with reports of hate crimes—people targeted because they belong to certain social or racial groups. We take a closer look at what these crimes are, why they’re on the rise, and how we can help prevent them.

01 - You Can Quit

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Many who smoke have already decided that they plan to quit nicotine in all its forms – and with good reasons! No one needs to live in “survival” mode. Vicki reveals how we are engineered for success!

Lesson 1: Living in a 24/7 Society

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Sunday June 27 - Sabbath July 03

Lesson 2: Restless and Rebellious

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Sunday July 04 - Sabbath July 10

Lesson 3: The Roots of Restlessness

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Sunday July 11 - Sabbath July 17

Lesson 4: The Cost of Rest

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Sunday July 18 - Sabbath July 24