Five Good Reasons to Believe God Exists

Five Good Reasons / 172 VIEWS

Does God Exist? Some think it's absurd, but what if we could know the answer with certainty?

Episode 1: Jesus The Man

Revolutionary / 171 VIEWS

Sergio and Oleg look to peel back all the layers of tradition that are part of today's picture of Jesus and look at him simply as a man. From there, a new journey of discovery begins and a fresh picture of Jesus emerges.

9 You Shall Rejoice!

InVerse / 171 VIEWS

The gift of celebration is powerful and potent.

Five Good Reasons to Believe The Bible

Five Good Reasons / 170 VIEWS

Is the Bible credible? Watch now and decide for yourself whether the Bible is worthy of your trust.

Wherever Needed Most

Revival for Mission / 164 VIEWS

Olen and Danae dreamed of becoming missionary doctors. After graduating from medical school, they decided to serve where most needed—and ended up at Béré Adventist Hospital in Chad. Working under the most challenging of situations, the Netteburgs face life and death situations every day, saving as many lives as possible and bringing hope and healing to thousands.

Lesson 1: Living in a 24/7 Society

Hope Sabbath School / 159 VIEWS

Sunday June 27 - Sabbath July 03

From Trauma to Healing

Revival for Mission / 154 VIEWS

How does one survive and even thrive after experiencing unbelievable trauma? In this episode Melissa DePaiva Gibson shares how God was with her through the worst and is working through her to bless others today.

Covid Vaccines and Personal Choice

Global Affairs Today / 151 VIEWS

As countries around the world roll out COVID-19 vaccination programs, some people are asking: Can the government or my employer force me to have a vaccine I don't want? We explore the many questions around vaccines and civil rights.

Keys To Optimal Health

Go Healthy For Good! / 149 VIEWS

Our environment often works against our health, through fast-food and sedentary living. Fortunately, Dr. Nerida shares keys for optimizing our health.