Is Your IQ Too High?

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Thank You, Harry

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Trusting In God's Timing: Lazarus

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Is there any hope in death?

Why Live If You Can Be Buried for Ten Dollars?

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Human nature intrinsically rejects the idea of death. Even the most avid evolutionists will, at some point, have to face this reality… the reality of dying. Cliff shares what must be accepted if every person is to face this reality in peace.

Embarrassing The Faith

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Many individuals believe in evolution. That either chance, a big-bang, or any other thought that can “explain” the universe, can be accepted as the origin of things. That can be accepted usually in the scientific community, where the backing of evolution is almost a requirement. It is unusual, however, that Christians will subscribe to this idea. Cliff goes in detail and explains why such individuals, do in fact, embarrass the faith.

Overcoming Shame: Perfume On Jesus' Feet

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What happens when we overcome shame?

The Lost Art of Civil Discourse

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In many countries around the world, it seems like the public discourse is getting louder, angrier and more polarized. We’re asking: Is there a way to cut through all the noise and restore calmer, more respectful ways of disagreeing?

08 - Creating A Lifestyle: Nutrition

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In this episode, Vicki Griffin address our need for exercise and sleep. God blessed man with fresh air, exercise, and rest as antidotes to many mental, physical, and spiritual maladies. Fresh air, exercise, and rest increase energy and are powerful weapons against stress, fatigue, and cravings.

Passing The Buck Upstairs

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