Use of Water

Every living cell whether plant or animal requires water. It is is essential for each cell's metabolism and function.However, water is lost continuously through the lungs, the gut, the kidneys, and the skin. Just to replace this fluid loss and maintain equilibrium, eight glasses of water is needed each day. Caffeinated drinks, such as tea, coffee and colas, have a diuretic effect that increase water loss so are best avoided, or reduced to a minimum. Fruit juice is not a substitute for water either. So keep a sipper bottle with you each day. That way it's close by when you need it.


Unless exercising strenuously in heat and humidity, added salts and sugars are not necessary to maintain electrolyte balance. A good indicator to see that you are drinking enough fluid is when the urine which is generally pale yellow to clear.


Often we confuse thirst with hunger, so if you feel hungry when you shouldn't be, drink a glass of water instead! Your hunger will subside, your energy will improve significantly and the water will act as an effective appetite suppressant so you will eat less. The bonus? Water has no calories!


Water is best drunk between meals to avoid diluting nutrients and digestive juices. If you are trying to reduce your weight, drinking water helps because it flushes out the by-products of fat breakdown. It also flushes out toxins that are eliminated via the kidneys, reducing the risk of kidney stones, bladder and colon cancer. Water hydrates the contents of the gut and therefore reduces constipation. A good way to cleanse your system is to have two glasses of water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning.


Headaches are most commonly caused by dehydration. So water can be a simple remedy for a headache. Your brain is 90% water so being well hydrated ensures you think more clearly, stay alert, have increased productivity and have a better mood. Good hydration gives the skin a healthier glow that improves appearance, which also make you appear more youthful.


If you don’t like the taint of chlorine from tap water, use a filter. Some methods of water purification can aid toimprove taste and various options are available such as charcoal filtration. Or add freshly squeezed lemon juice, or a sprig of mint. You may prefer the taste of boiled water that has been cooled. Fruit or herbal teas made with boiling water are tasty and refreshing. Be sure to use teas that are caffeine-free.


The purchase of bottled water can be convenient, especially when traveling, yet can also be an unnecessary cost while contributing to landfill. Water bottles are not intended for reuse and when exposed to heat can release toxic substances.


So learn to enjoy eight glasses of water each day to reduced the likelihood of sickness and relieve fatigue.

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