4 ½ C water


1 C chopped onion


1 ½ t sweet basil


2 t onion powder


½ C Braggs Liquid Aminos


1 C grated carrots


¾ t oregano


½ C pimentos


1/3 C canola or tahini oil


¼ C yeast flakes (nutritional)


1 t garlic powder


4 ½ C rolled oats




Bring water and Aminos to boil.


Add everything except oats and simmer 3-5 min.


Add oats and return to boil and cook 3-5 min on low heat, stirring only once.


Cover and let stand 10-15 min.


Use ice cream scoop, put on pammed cookie sheets.


Flatten to burger shape.


Bake @ 350°F 30 min.


Turn once and bake another 15 min.


Then build your burger with additional ingredients of your choice.

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