2 C crumbled firm tofu


¾ T Sea salt


1 ¼ t onion powder


¼ t garlic powder


7 ½ C tomato sauce


2 ½ C jack cheese (Look at our other recipes for this)


16 whole wheat lasagna noodles




Rinse, drain, crumble the tofu.


Put into bowl and add salt, garlic, and onion powders.


Spray 9x13 baking dish with Pam and line with 1 ½ C tomato sauce.


Then layer with tomato sauce, noodles, tofu, cheese, tomato sauce, noodles, and finish with tomato sauce.


Top with cheese.


Bake @ 350°F one hour, covered.


Bake additional 20-30 min uncovered.

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