2 loaves French Bread


2 C chopped celery


½ C nutritional yeast flakes


1 t salt


2 T sage


2 C chopped onions


1 C soy milk powder


¼ C McKay’s Chicken Style Seasoning*


6 C water


1 t thyme




Break bread into small pieces in large bowl.


Stem rest of ingredients and toss lightly into dry bread.


If too dry, add more water.


Shape into mound in center of sprayed baking sheet.


Bake @ 350° for 45-60 min.


Cool and shape turkey recipe over dressing.








6 lb. Tofu


1 ½ C finely chopped onion


1 C nutritional yeast flakes


1 t tumeric


6 ½ C quick oats


½ C McKay’s Chicken Style Seasoning




Squeeze all liquid out of tofu and then finely crumble.


Mix all ingredients together.


Have bowl of warm water ready to dip your hands into as you are forming the turkey shape on top of cooled dressing.


Wet fingers to smooth and shape legs and wings to look like real turkey.


Bake @ 350° F until brown approximately 30 min.


Serve with gravy.

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