1/2 C minced onion


1/2 C minced celery


2 1/2 C firm, mashed tofu


1/2 C vegenaise


2 T wheat germ


2 T chopped, fresh parsley


2 T chicken-style seasoning


1/2 C flour


1/2 t dried basil


1/2 C cooked brown rice


1 t sea salt


1 t sea kelp (ground or powder)


Bread crumbs to coat






Sauté onions and celery in little water, until clear.

Add to rest of ingredients in large bowl and mix well.

Form into logs.

Roll in breadcrumbs and place on cookie sheet.

May be flattened into patties.

Bake @ 375°F 30 min and serve with tartare sauce.

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