Pumpkin Pie



3/4 pound firm tofu, drained for 1 hour


15 oz can pumpkin puree


½ Tbsp cinnamon


3/4 tsp ginger


1/2 tsp nutmeg


1/2 tsp salt


1/3 cup oil


1 tsp vanilla


1/2 cup brown sugar


2 Tbsp maple syrup


2 Tbsp molasses


2 Tbsp cornstarch



Pre-heat oven to 425 oF/220 oC


Blend all ingredients together until smooth.


Pour into a pre-made 9" pie crust.


Bake for 10 mins, then reduce heat to 350 oF/180 oC and bake for 50 mins.


Chill before serving and top with whipped cream.

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