Spinach and Tofu Curry or Palak Paneer





Spinach puree




Rinse 12 oz spinach very well with water


Boil water in large pan with salt


Turn off the heat and add spinach to hot water


Close lid and let spinach sit in water for 2 mins.


Drain and dunk in ice water.


Drain and use a stick blender to make a smooth spinach puree.




For the Curry Sauce:




1 Tbsp oil




¾ tsp cumin seeds


1 bay leaf


1 onion, finely chopped


5 cloves garlic, finely chopped


1 inch grated ginger


1 medium tomato, chopped


¼ tsp turmeric powder


½ tsp salt


½-1 tsp curry powder


Spinach puree (see below)


1 lb or 400 g extra firm tofu, cubed (may be lightly fried)


4 Tbsp coconut cream






heat 1 T oil and 2 T water on med heat and fry cumin seeds


Add bay leaf and onion, fry till the onion becomes clear.


Add garlic, ginger and chopped tomato, frying till the tomato goes soft.


Add turmeric and curry powder, stir and fry for a few seconds.


Add spinach puree, simmer 10 minutes till the spinach is well cooked.


Add tofu and salt and simmer further 1 minute


Finally, add coconut cream and serve with rice or wholewheat roti.

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