Wassail or Mulled Cider



2 cups apple juice


2 cups cranberry juice


2 cups water


1/2 cup sugar


8 whole cloves*


3 allspice berries*


1 Tbsp ground ginger


½ tsp cardamom


2, 3-inch cinnamon sticks*


Juice of 2 lemons


Juice of 5 oranges




Put allspice berries and cloves into cheesecloth or tea strainer.


In a large pot, combine all ingredients and bring to the boil


Mull spices for one hour or more over low heat.


Remove spices and serve from crockpot, set on warm.




* Note: These spices can irritate stomach and nerves, so should not be used on a regular basis. Individuals sensitive to these effects, would benefit from avoiding their use completely.

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