Red Lentil Dhal




1 Tbsp oil


1 Tbsp water


½ onion, chopped


1 clove garlic


1 Tbsp cumin seeds, bruised


1 tsp curry powder


1 tsp turmeric


1 lb red lentils, washed well and drained




Handful fresh cilantro, chopped






Fry ½ onion in 2 T oil + 2T water


When clear, add 1 clove garlic chopped


Fry further 1 min


Add 1 T bruised cumin seeds


Fry further 2 mins or so.


Add 1 lb washed and drained red lentils


Fry on high


Add 1 tsp curry powder + 1 tsp turmeric


Continue to stir dry for 2-3 mins


Then pour in hot water to cover lentils by 1 inch.


Put lid on, bring to boil then reduce heat to simmer until lentils soften and can easily be squashed - about 20 minutes.


Sprinkle fresh chopped coriander on top of the dish when serving and serve with rice or flatbread and a salad.

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