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Get the new Hope Channel app

God has poured His blessings on us with the opportunity to have a brand-new Hope Channel app that will bring the good news about Him to many more people around the world!

Will you join with us in giving thanks and praise to God for this amazing development?

The brand-new Hope Channel app is the best way to watch Hope Sabbath School.

  • Get the study guides
  • Download episodes to your device to watch any time
  • Pick up watching where you left off, if you can't watch the whole episode at once.

Your Questions Answered

What's happening with the old Hope Sabbath School app?

It is being replaced by a brand-new Hope Channel app.

The Hope Sabbath School app is based on old technology that's increasingly difficult to support. Switching to modern apps will ensure that we can fulfill our mission to share God's good news with the entire world.

How do I watch Hope Sabbath School?

First, install the new Hope Channel app. (For iPhone and iPad) (For Android)

You'll find the latest episode of Hope Sabbath School on the Featured screen, under Latest Episodes. Or, browse the complete archive by selecting Hope Sabbath School from the Shows screen.

If you don't see Hope Sabbath School, go to the Settings screen, and change your selected channel to Hope Channel North America.

What's different about the new app?

We have been blessed by God with the amazing new Hope Channel app!

It has been specifically designed to help us carry out our mission to spread the gospel globally. For example, it is now available in many, many languages — not just English. It is beautifully-designed and easy to use, making it accessible to a wider audience.

And we think you'll love it too! The app has been thoughtfully-designed to make navigation easier, and put the things you use the most at your fingertips. For example, all of our latest and most popular episodes are now listed together on the new Featured screen.

Another great feature is that the app will now remember where you left off viewing a video, so when you come back you can pick up right from there.

We are also delighted to offer search! Just tap the search icon and enter a keyword. We'll show you everything we've got on the topic.

How can I help?

One of the most important things you can do is to submit a 5-star rating of the app on the app store.

The app store uses your rating to determine whether to show the app to other people around the world.

When you give us a 5-star rating, you are quite literally spreading the gospel!

What if I find a problem?

We are doing our very best with the resources God has given us. While we aim for the app to be perfect, we recognize that in our humanity, there will always be shortcomings.

If you do find a problem, please let us know, by writing us at [email protected]

Please minister alongside us by praying that the Hope Channel app will reach untold millions around the world.

You can help by giving us a 5-star rating in the app store. Please also consider making a donation to further the ministry of Hope Channel and continue improving the app.