InVerse / September 25, 2017

What does Cross actually change in our lives?

InVerse / September 11, 2017

The greatest battle: Spirit vs the flesh

InVerse / September 18, 2017

Get rid of hypocrisy through this method.

InVerse / June 26, 2017

Who was this man named Paul?

InVerse / July 03, 2017

What gave him the audacity to write the things he did?

InVerse / July 17, 2017

At the center of Paul's message is the fact that we are simply cleansed from sin through the belief in the goodness and power of God. This fact equalizes all cultures, Jew or Gentile, at the Cross.

InVerse / July 24, 2017

Is the Old Testament God different from the New Testament Jesus?

InVerse / July 10, 2017

How can true unity be distinguished from false unity?

InVerse / August 07, 2017

Is faith strict discipline or wishful thinking?