IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE, Part 1 [Episode 1]

In this introductory episode, Lonnie Melashenko & Logan Parchamento introduce the topic of Law & Grace.
The main idea is that God is LOVE!
Featuring the musical talent of Jennifer LaMountain, Charles Haugabrooks, Yolanda Palmer, Neville Peter, Esther Alonso Neal, Stephen Adetumbi, Rudy Micelli, and Jennifer LaMountain.
This episode spotlights Biblical songs such as "The Lord God", "God is Love", "Herein is Love", "There is None Righteous", "By Grace", "Wherefore He is Able", and "Mercy and Truth".
Bible Story Time showcases Logan telling the story of Abraham, Isaac and the Lamb.
Featuring narration by Taj Pacleb, Laura Mckinley, Lonnie Melashenko, and Alessandra Sorace.

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