IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE, Part 2 [Episode 2]

Lonnie & Logan continue the topic of law & grace pondering the question: Ready to Love?
Featuring the musical talents of Anika Sampson-Anderson, Alessandra Sorace, Javier Gonzalez, Julie Penner, Yolanda Palmer, the Love At Work Singers, and Neville Peter.
Derek Morris tells his testimony and expresses the topic that God is LOVE.
Biblical songs such as “God So Loved”, “He was Wounded”, “All Have Sinned”, “Law of Liberty”, “Whoever is Born of God”, “Here is the Patience of the Saints”, and “The Spirit & Bride Say Come” are showcased in this episode.
Logan tells the story of 12 year-old Jesus. Including narration by Dwayne Lemon and Lonnie Melashenko.

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