JUDGMENT DAY IS COMING, Part 2 [Episode 8]

In this episode, Lonnie and Logan continue to discuss preparation for the Judgment Day.
The idea that God’s character is reflected as a Holy Judge is explored again in this episode.
Featuring original Biblical songs such as “Blessed Are They”, “Thy Way Is In The Sanctuary”, “Wherefore He’s Able”, “Everlasting Dominion”, “Then Shall The Sanctuary Be Cleansed”, "Thy Faithfulness”, and “Worship Him”.
Showcasing Christian artists such as Julie Penner, Yolanda Palmer, Neville Peter, Javier Gonzalez, and Charles Haugabrooks.
Hear Christian writer and presenter, Clifford Goldstein, give his testimony.
Also featuring narration by special guests Laura McKinley, Alessandra Sorace, and Jared Thurmon.

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