THE FINAL TEST, Part 1 [Episode 9]

Are you ready for rest?
Lonnie & Logan host this Sabbath-themed episode highlighting God as Creator.
Featuring special guest presenters Wintley Phipps, John Bradshaw, Laura McKinley, and Dwayne Lemon.
Including original Biblical songs such as “Remember the Sabbath Day”, “God Blessed the Seventh Day”, “The Hand of the Lord Has Done This”, “Lord of the Sabbath”, “They Returned”, and “I Will Give You Rest”.
Presenting Christian artists such as Rachel Hyman, Neville Peter, Stephen Adetumbi, Esther Alonso Neal, Jennifer LaMountain, Javier Gonzalez, Julie Penner, Alessandra Sorace and the Love At Work singers.
Logan recounts the story of God’s “rest test” during Bible Story Time.

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