Alessandra Sorace

Alessandra Sorace

Alessandra is a Christian multilingual recording artist and speaker. She sang her first solo at four, started  touring at eight, and has been filming live productions, recorded programs and personal interviews for  international TV networks and radio shows. 

Her first album was released at 14 years old, second at 15 and third at 16 in English, Spanish and  

Portuguese respectively. 

Alessandra's concerts and presentations are inspirational or devotional in nature. Her tours take her to  churches, corporate functions, international conferences, government and other special events both  domestically and abroad. She has performed for small and large audiences alike, in venues such as the  Alamodome and convention centers in Los Angeles, San Antonio, Phoenix, among others. 


In her free time, she enjoys working at the ranch and horseback riding. She also enjoys playing the piano,  the violin, and participating in humanitarian aid projects both domestically and abroad. Her love for people and love of music shows forth in her performances, presentations, and accomplishments as she  strives to live according to the meaning of her name, “A helper of all people.” 


A word from Alessandra 

“Music is a language of which I am and will always be passionate. I think it just might be the best way to communicate in a lasting way. We have a  responsibility to the receptive ear of our audiences.  

Robert Schumann put it well when he said, ‘To send light into the darkness of men's hearts - such is the duty of the artist.’”