Expecting the Unexpected

Someone once said "there are no atheists in foxholes". I don't know how true that is (I've never been in a foxhole with bullets flying over my head). I do know that most people I know pray when they are in a real tight spot. They pray just in case there is a God for a miracle. I don't know if they really expect something to happen.


Peter's story in Acts 12:1-19 is full of the interplay between the expected and the unexpected. Herod does the expected to get political power - he has James arrested and killed. Although this makes political sense it comes as an unexpected blow to the fledgling church. When Herod arrested Peter the church is expecting another execution and they do the expected - have an all night prayer meeting for Peter. Mean while Peter is doing the unexpected - he's asleep the day before his execution. The populace is expecting an entertaining execution and God does the unexpected (and impossible). He sends his angel to free Peter. Even Peter finds this so unexpected that he thinks he's in vision or dreaming. Instead of letting him in Rhoda does the unexpected and leaves him knocking on the door. Even the praying church members find his appearance at the door so unexpected that it takes a while to let Peter in.


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