The colors of Eden

Green - as in new fresh leaves, or vast grass plains


Red - as bird's feathers, or rose petals


Blue - as a vast cloudless sky dotted with birds


Yellow - as soft warm, friendly lighting


White - as the feel of rabbit's fur or a flash of angel wings


Pink - as smiling lips of the first woman or man


Gray - as the after sunset moment when God and humans shared whispers


Black - as the velvety expanse of the diamond studded sky


Those where the colors of Eden.


There was no:


Green - as in slimy stagnating pools


Red - as in blood seeping into the earth


Blue - as in frost-bitten fingers


Yellow - as in hard hats, warning signs, or emergency vehicles


White - as in blinding snow, or death silenced lips


Pink - as in new scar tissue


Gray - as in chocking smoke


Black - as in a window less cell


These are our colors - but someday soon the Master artist will take His blood drenched sponge and gently wash our tear stained eyes - restoring the colors of Eden

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