Pilate - A Nightmare Too Real

Imagine what it would have been like to be Pilate - awakened in the early hours of the morning only to find himself in front of an angry crowd awaiting his decision in the trial of Jesus. Pilate had a tough decision to make that morning and we know from the bible what decision he ultimately chose. But what exactly was Pilate thinking?


In “The Trial of Christ, Part 2” Ellen G. White shares with us some insights into Pilate’s thought process during the trial of Jesus.


“Satan and his angels were tempting Pilate and trying to lead him on to his own ruin. They suggested to him that if he did not take part in condemning Jesus others would; the multitude were thirsting for His blood; and if he did not deliver Him to be crucified, he would lose his power and worldly honor and would be denounced as a believer on the impostor.


Through fear of losing his power and authority, Pilate consented to the death of Jesus. And notwithstanding he placed the blood of Jesus upon His accusers, and the multitude received it, crying, “His blood be on us and on our children” (Matthew 27:25), yet Pilate was not clear; he was guilty of the blood of Christ. For his own selfish interest, his love of honor from the great men of earth, he delivered an innocent man to die. If Pilate had followed his own convictions, he would have had nothing to do with condemning Jesus.


The appearance and words of Jesus during His trial made a deep impression upon the minds of many who were present on that occasion. The result of the influence thus exerted was apparent after His resurrection. Among those who were then added to the church, there were many whose conviction dated from the time of Jesus’ trial.”


Pilate’s story provides an important lesson. If we allow it, fear can take over in such a powerful way and prevent us from making decisions that we can be proud of. There is one decision that you can make that you will never regret - a decision for Jesus.

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