A Fishy Story

Think Jonah - and we immediately think of a big fish. And for many the big fish is just too big to swallow. What about air, and the gastric enzymes? True, but the Bible is full of suspension of disbelief stories. We have the creation of everything from nothing, manna feeding a nation for 40 years, water from a rock, the shadow on the sundial going backwards, people being named hundreds of years before their birth. And then of course the heart of Christianity, God becoming a human baby, dying and rising from the dead. Actually the fact that God prepares a big fish is small fry compared to the Bible teaching that Jesus will come again. The sky will peel back and I will get to see Jesus. This is the hope and heart and mystery of Christianity - not " cleverly concocted fables" (2Pe 1:16 ) - no fishy stories.

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