Furor at the Dedication Ceremony

What was meant to be the climax of the official dedication of the new shrine at Bethel by his majesty King Jeroboam faded into the background in the ensuing series of dramatic events. At this morning’s ceremony as his majesty stood before the altar making a sacrifice a man identified only as a prophet from Judah began shouting. A court official who did notwish to be named says that he addressed the altar and said that someone named Josiah from the house of David would desecrate the altar. He also announced that the altar would be split apart and the ashes spill out. Understandably this interruption to the program was not appreciated by the hundreds of dignitaries and attendees. The king publicly issued an order of arrest but before it could be executed the king’s arm which he was pointing at the prophet from Judah, shriveled up. A member of the king’s security detail stated that “it was unbelievable. Before my eyes the king’s right hand and arm shriveled up. We were all shocked. The king was just staring at his arm. I don’t think he could believe what was happening”. To add to the confusion the new altar then cracked open and the ashes poured out on the flooring. Apparently His Majesty requested that the prophet from Judah intercede for him. Witnesses then claim that the king’s arm appeared to be normal. The prophet publicly refused the king’s offer of lunch with royalty stating that God had commanded him not to eat in Israel although several residents of Bethel claim to have seen the prophet accept a dinner invitation to the home of an older Bethel resident.


Late this afternoon travelers reported a body lying by the main road fromBethel. The body has be identified as that of the prophet from Judah. He appears to be the victim of a very rare lion attack. Those first on the scene reported seeing a lion supposedly “guarding” the body while his donkey grazed peacefully nearby. Investigations continue.

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