The Test

Abraham was a hundred and twenty years old - an old man - even by the standards of his day. Things finally seemed to be falling into place. He was rich. Thousands of sheep and cattle covered the plains that spread out around his encampment. The valley was dotted with the tents of his servants. And he had the son of promise – Isaac. Isaac wasn’t a boy anymore. He was now a young man. Abraham could finally begin to see the results of his life of faith. He had left his country and culture to wonder as a nomad in a land that he had been promised – nothing to see there yet. And he had waited until the age of one hundred to finally get the son he was to leave the land to. Finally his faith had become someone he could hold as he dreamt of his large family that would one day possess the land. And yet faith is never about something or someone we can see, feel, touch or hear. “Take now your son, your only son Isaac, that you love, and offer him”.

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