"Blind Bartimaeus" - Episode 6

Wanting sight, Blind Bartimaeus called out among the crowd of people. The hoardes didn't want to bother Jesus with the request of a mere begger, so the crowd tried desperately to quiet him. Out of faith, he cried out only louder as he saw his one hope for sight leaving town. He may not have been able to see physically, but he saw in Jesus something that the rest of the crowd didn't, a savior. Jesus turned to him, and offered him sight. Jesus still stops when we cry out. He still hears us when we can't see our way out of a financial problem, or personal struggles. He may not always give us the short-term solution that we ask for, but when we ask to see as He sees - with an eternal perspective - Jesus is ready and eager to give us sight. Join host Chantal Klingbeil along with guests Lowell Cooper, Dr. Kim Kepner, and Allison Terwilliger as they discuss a biblical story that details what it means to truly have sight.

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